La Boulangère is a French manufactured of pre-packaged breads and viennoiseries supplying supermarkets, local shops and food services industries.
Rich in familial legacies, we combine baking knowledge and innovative culture.
Our range of breads and viennoiseries is ideal for breakfasts, snacks and meals.

Since June 2018, La Boulangère uses barn eggs for La Boulangère export products.

Our products

Our brioches and viennoiseries

8 Brioche rolls


8 Brioche rolls

With chocolate chips

6 Pains au chocolat

Individually wrapped

Sliced Brioche

Plaited Brioche


Our breads

4 Brioche Baguettes


Soft Bread


Part-baked baguette

4 Panini Breads

4 Pita Breads

8 Square Tortilla Breads

4 Brioche Burger Buns

Already sliced